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Frequently asked questions

This is fastest way to find answers! If you still have questions please red my FAQs carefully and contact me.

How do I find out if this is the right path for me?

If you click the Message Me button, I’ll respond by email with a link to book a Complimentary 60-minute Call. Alternatively, you can email me at and put “Complimentary Call” in the subject line.

We will meet via Zoom for this opportunity for everyone to get to know each other, and for me to assess the initial complaint and offer a workable solution.

What do I need to do to prepare?

If you are reading this, then you are already there!
Keep moving toward support. I will guide you.
And please make sure to download the Zoom app and check to make sure the audio and video work.

How do I book a Session?

Once you have completed a Complimentary 60-minute call, if we have determined that you would benefit from Sessions, then I will send you a Consent Form which needs to be read, signed, and returned to me. An invoice will then be sent. Once payment has been received, you will be sent the scheduling link to book your first Session.

I need to see you urgently. I can’t wait. How can I get in touch with you?

Oh dear…
Please email me at with “Urgent” in the subject line.

How many Sessions will I need?

Because each Individual and Couple is unique in their challenges and complexities, progress can rarely be predicted. Some people only need the free chat, and yet others need one of my 1-year, 6-month, or 3-month packages.

At the end of the Complimentary 60-minute Call, I will have a good idea of which package to recommend. In the beginning, we will start with weekly Sessions and move to every two weeks when we see things are improving. However, there is a fluidity to the work and at times we may have to revert back to weekly Sessions. This is directly influenced by how much effort is put into making the necessary changes. Please know that you will be closely guided and supported through the entire process.

How much does it cost for a Session ?

During our Complimentary Call, I will be able to assess your situation and suggest which package would most benefit you. Packages are 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months in length.

Do you only work with Couples?

I work with Individuals and Couples.
My work is about stripping down to one’s authentic self and pushing past self-limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, and misconceptions to create extraordinary relationships, whether you are single or coupled.

Do you take medical insurance?

No. Sorry, I do not accept any medical insurance.
Experience has shown that my clients prefer anonymity.

Do you give discounts?

I do not give discounts. However, at times, I do offer Promotions.

Do you ever travel to Clients to provide face-to-face Sessions?

Yes, Customised VIP Packages are available.
Email me at and put “VIP Package” in the subject line.

I want to come by myself initially, but my partner may join after a few sessions. Can I do that?

I encourage Couples to address their problems in Couples Sessions.
Starting with Individual Sessions and then changing to Couples Sessions puts the other person at a disadvantage. I will discuss this during our Complimentary 60-minute Call.

I want to come and see you, but I can’t persuade my partner. Do you have any suggestions?

I suggest encouraging a reluctant partner to speak to me on a Complimentary 60-minute Call. This will give them an opportunity to see if they feel comfortable and open to Couples Sessions. However, if your partner adamantly refuses, then Individual Sessions are recommended.

What Online app do you use for Sessions?

The Zoom app is used and must be downloaded prior to booking the first Session.

Do you have any free resources?

My Free Ebook – Truthfully Naked: Strip Down to Create Extraordinary Relationships is right here, waiting for You to download it!
Plus, there are lots of videos on my Barenakedcoach YouTube channel.

Do you have any recognized certification?

I am a Florida Board Certified Sex Therpist.

How long have you been doing this work?

I began my work as the first Certified Sex Therapist in The Bahamas in 2009.

How would your clients describe your methods and style?

I have been trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and my style is Client-led.
Clients have described my style as warm, sensitive, fair, non-judgmental, and holistic.

Have you ever had success with couples who haven’t had sex for years?

I am skilled at reconnecting couples who have become disconnected. It is with my experienced listening ear that I am able to peel back the layers to identify
the real problem and design a solution. In fact, some beautiful reconnections have resulted in babies being conceived!

Do you think all relationships can be saved?

Fulfilling love relationships must be two-sided. If they become imbalanced and there is a lack or limited willingness to get it back into balance, the cracks become wider. Relationships are meant to uplift us and make us happy, and unhealthy ones that hurt us physically and emotionally cannot, and should not, always be saved. I guide Individuals and Couples through the distressing experiences of ending relationships, separation, divorce, and rebuilding a new life.

Do you see dating couples?

Absolutely, and I highly recommend it! Dating is the perfect time to make sure all “red flags” are identified and addressed, so that you can then Create an Extraordinary Relationship.

Do you have an age limit?

I have clients of all ages, but none younger than sixteen years old.

Have you worked with people addicted to porn?

Yes, couples have sought my guidance and support when a pornography addiction has come between them. It takes both persons to acknowledge and recognize the problem, and commit to doing something about it. Contacting me for the Complimentary Call is often the biggest step in acknowledging that there is a problem.

My heart is broken. Can you help me?

A broken heart is painful and often feels unbearable. It can affect all aspects of our life, and so it is important to ask for support in alleviating the pain. My non-judgmental guidance will allow you to open your broken heart and move into a place of healing.

I can’t get over my ex. Can you help me?

Endings can be very difficult, and creating a new life can sometimes feel overwhelming. I will help you get unstuck and step into a happier future.

I want to leave my relationship. Can you help me?

I work with Individuals and Couples who feel they have reached the end of their relationship. I will provide support and guidance about how to end the relationship, plus deal with the after-effects and your new life beyond.

I'm so frustrated. Can you help me?

Feeling frustrated is often a complex combination of many emotions. Sorting through the feelings and peeling back the layers to find the cause is important to finding the source of the problem. This is what I do best. Under my careful guidance, you will find a way to release the frustration and move to a better place.

I'm in an abusive relationship. Can you help me?

Yes, I can definitely help you. Please message me right here and we can talk privately on a Complimentary 60-minute Call.

I want to be able to trust again. Can you help me?

Absolutely. This is an integral part of my work because it touches all aspects of relationships. There are layers to trust and we will work to rebuild it together.

I'm having an affair. I don’t want to stop, but I’m terrified my partner will find out. Can you help me?

Living with a secret is a choice. The important question is, “Is what you’re risking worth it?” We can discuss this on a Complimentary 60-minute Call.