7 Tips – How To Immediately Improve Your Sex Life

Want to improve your sex life? That’s great! I will share 7 simple things that will add heat, passion, and excitement to your life. What’s best – it works immediately!

So let’s start!


1. Invest in your looks

Look good for your lover. Have a haircut, hot shave, buy new clothes, get yourself new cologne. Why not even a manicure, pedicure, some waxing? Look your best.

Buy new satin boxers. Don’t forget; women are just as visual as men! She will love it! Treat your partner with looking good for her!


2. Set the bed for your lovemaking!

Choose the best bedding you have. Or why don’t you buy new sheets? How about some satin ones, smooth and sensual? Create a perfect setting for a romance.


3. Set up the mood

Light up the candles or dim the lights, play some nice soul music. Dimmed lights make your look softer, and your lover’s body will look even more beautiful, gentle, sexy.

If you don’t have the candles or lights that you can dim, don’t worry. You can simply put a silky scarf over the bedside light.


4. Invite her to a romantic dinner

Tell her to dress up for the romantic dinner. Cook something delicious. But, don’t just put the food and plates on the table. Add candles, napkins, some flowers. We need to set a romantic scene here. Compliment her!

Remind her of all those things and reasons why you fell in love with her.

I guarantee you – she will love this!

Warm her up, give her time, tease her, let her enjoy slowly… then continue with passionate kissing.


5. Take her to the bathroom.

Don’t go to bed yet. Previously you’ve set up the bathroom with candles, the music you like. Everything is ready for the next phase of your romantic evening.

Take turns sponging each other slowly, washing hair, limbs, drying your partner with a soft towel, then letting her dry you.

Then move to the bedroom.


6. Enjoy a sensual massage.

Massage each other gently. Provide sensual pleasure, touch your partner gently, mindfully. Take time to relax, experience pleasure, deep connection. We all need that!

Sensual massage prepares us to receive sexual pleasure more intensively; it primes our senses so beautifully.


7. Slowly slip to lovemaking.

Don’t hurry. Take time, build up the tension, the passion, sensuality. And then just let go.


Isn’t this delicious? Sexy? Isn’t this what lovemaking should be?

Awaken all your senses, remind yourself of the deepest feeling for your partner. Relax fully, allow yourself to enjoy every minute of your romantic evening.

With just a bit of effort and planning, you can improve your sex life instantaneously and feel explosions, fireworks, passion, the thrill! So do it!

On my blog, find more tips and ideas on how to improve your sex. But don’t just read – do it! Enjoy more, connect more, deepen your pleasure.