How To Ask For Sex Without Words

You don’t need words to initiate sex! Use the secret love language to spark your partner’s desire, to seduce and attract them.
Dim the lights, play sensual music, create the mood, and dive pleasurably into the romance with your loved one.
I will teach your three beautiful way to show your partner you want them – without words.



Yes. Wink. But, winking alone is not enough. You need to prepare the right mood. Work it a bit, ease into it. Warm-up yourself, warm up your partner. Serve the dinner, dim the light, dress something sexy. And when you are ready – wink to seal the deal.

There is something so sensual, arousing, pleasurable to getting the wink back. Mutual wink, mutual desire, a mutual invitation to sensual lovemaking. Learn to wink suggestively, sensually.


Dim the lights

Nobody likes bright fluorescent lights! They make us look tired, older, harder. They are not pleasant, not in a way we want to feel when we make love.

Dimmed lights make us look more appealing, softer, gentler, inviting. So, use a soft glow to create the mood and communicate to your partner – hey, baby, come, come to me.


Create the right mood with the music

We all have our favorite songs that make us feel sensual, relaxed, ready to enjoy. Allow your favorite music to melt daily stress and introduce you to a sensual mood, a mood for love.

Let your partner know what music you like when you make love – it will be a subtle signal, a sensual way to tell – hey, baby, I want you. Now.

They will know what to do when your play Berry White, light jazz, or whatever you like.



The secret love language is powerful but beautifully so simple. Dimmed lights and nice music nurture your soul, prepare you for great lovemaking, invite your partner softly and sensually.

Set the stage, get into the mood, and then use your body language. Wink sensually to your partner. Let yourself be carried away.

If there’s something you want to improve in your love life, you know where you can find me – I am here for you. In more than ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of people to enrich their love life, deepen their pleasure, and improve relationships. I can help you too!

In the meantime, seduce your partner with a subtle love language and enjoy sensual, pleasurable lovemaking as often as you can.