How Do You Know When Your Sex Life Is In A Rut?

We can’t imagine a sexual rut at the beginning of our relationship, right? We are electrified, enjoying all the fireworks and explosions. Everything is easy, fun, and enjoyable.

Eventually, you felt like passion, joy, pleasure faded away. You found yourself in a sex rut. It is painful, and not how it should be – but it’s not the end of the world; there are things you can do to bring back the passion, enjoyment, sensuality.

Let me share 6 things that will help you detect is your sex life in a rut. Check do they apply to you to detect is there something that needs to be improved in your love life.


1. No sex at all

Well, this is the most obvious sign that something went wrong. You do all the things in life, chores, job, the talking, but sex is gone. The sex, the spark, the heat, the joy is gone.


2. Sex is so predictable!

Do you know when, how, and where sex is going to happen? Do your notice the sameness, boring predictability? Nothing is surprising, playful, or exciting. Sex doesn’t spark your imagination; you don’t daydream about yesterday’s sex, how great, fresh, joyous it was?


3. There is no passion.

Sex is not as passionate as it used to be. You engage in functional sex with no heat, no electricity, fireworks. Your mind is maybe even somewhere else. It’s not that mind-blowing, exciting sex you had before. Nothing seems to ignite the fire, the heat, the lust.


4. Sex is nothing more than intercourse.

Sex life is in a rut when it’s just intercourse, predictable, boring, functional, passionless sex. There is so much more to sex! Without sensuality, a bit of surprise and novelty, sex can quickly lose its zest. You just get over with it – and it doesn’t seem right.


5. No explosions, no fireworks

Is she not having orgasms anymore? Or just little ones? Maybe it crosses your mind from time to time that she even fakes them? Sex is empty without passionate orgasms, losing one’s mind, being carried away, sharing joyous moments together.

6. You are experiencing negative emotions before and during sex.

You feel angry, dissatisfied, frustrated? Feeling bad during or before lovemaking is always a sign of a sexual rut. Good sex is all about feeling fabulous, deeply connected, relaxed, carried away. If that’s not the case, you need to change things.


So, what to do if you recognize that your love life is in a rut?

My advice is to make a list of things that apply to you. Is there only one thing, a few, or maybe all 6? Get to know what areas of your love and sex life you need to improve.

It’s best to start today, right away. Don’t wait – sex brings so much to our lives, our relationships; we need to take care of it, nurture, and keep the spark alive.

Read my blogs; you will find lots of inspiring ideas to improve your sex life. Get inspired, learn how to get back the spark, sensuality, excitement.

If you tried many things but still feel stuck and do not know what to do – I am here for you. In more than ten years, I’ve helped dozens of couples to improve their sex life, reignite the passion, bring back the heat and pleasure. I can help you too. Share what bothers you with me, and we will find a solution together.