How To Be More Giving In Bed

Giving is a big, big thing in sex and intimacy! Being generous makes you a better lover. Your partner will want you more and more. Giving adds so much passion and excitement, satisfaction, and joy!

The more we give in bed, the more we will receive.

Take a few minutes and find out how to deepen your sexual connection and increase pleasure by becoming a more generous, giving, sensual partner.


Be ready to give, give, give!

Good sex isn’t about being selfish, just getting it done, or repetitive functional sex you do just because you need to.

Good sex is lovemaking, making her feel comfortable, relaxed, and passionate.

Take the time, invest your energy and attention to give her what she loves, build up her pleasure. Let her enjoy to the fullest, slowly, sensually. Experiment to discover new things she might find pleasurable.

Being generous is the only way to build pleasurable, deep, loving sex and intimacy.

And don’t forget – the more that you give, the more that you shall receive.

Find joy in giving and practice it regularly. And then enjoy receiving. Fully embrace her love, attention, and sexual enthusiasm. You have the power to make her want you more and more every day. So, do it – give, give, give!


Try to find out what she liked and disliked

Be curious. The next day, observe her body language, feel the energy between you. Is it warm, electrified, cozy, cuddly energy – or is there something off?

Was it amazing, and you both have that content smile, or are there things to improve?

Ask her how it was! Try to find out what they liked and disliked.

But, hey, don’t be dead serious – add some humor and playfulness.

    • Honey! Honey! Uh, Do I need to improve on anything? How was it last night?

And then be ready for the feedback. It’s essential to be able to hear and accept it! How can we improve and give the right thing, the right way – if we don’t ask, right?

Ask her, listen carefully, learn; she will appreciate your effort, I promise!


Be a great lover!

To be a great lover is all about sensuality as well as sexuality.

Sensuality means pleasing all your senses.

Think about your favorite scent. What perfume do you like to wear? What fragrance do you want her to wear?

Remember to awaken all your senses – smell, taste, touch, sight!

What do you like, what pleases you? What makes you all tingly? Yes! Embrace that and introduce it to your lovemaking. It’s important!

Ask her what she likes. The light of the candles, it’s soft and pleasurable glow? The scent? Or the taste of delicious food and wine?

Encourage her to introduce things she finds sensual. A man bringing sensuality to bed is a great lover!

You will see what a difference it makes! It’s so important that we move past just sex. In a lot of people’s minds, sex is just intercourse. That’s so sad! Sex has so much more to do with touch, enjoyment in sensuality, delicate scents, the touch, the taste.

Bring sensuality into your lovemaking. You will be delighted by its power to deepen your sexual pleasure, intimacy, and love!

Be giving! Be generous, take care of her pleasure, ask her for feedback, introduce more sensuality. That is going to deepen your pleasure and make her crave you’

If you did all this – and other things I advised you on my blog or Youtube channel – and things are still not working, then you need my help.

You can count on me – I’m here for you! I can help you!

In the meantime, practice generosity, listen to her, introduce sensuality, and see how things start to change, reigniting the fire, passion, joy.