How To Feel More Sexy?

Want to feel sexier? Great! I want you to be sexy, embrace your sexuality, become more confident, radiate more sex appeal. You will feel better, and other people will see you differently, which improves your confidence, sex appeal.

Before we start, let me tell you how important it is to embrace who we really are, our femininity, or masculinity. That’s where it all starts!

Embrace it fully; don’t be shy. Be brave, step into your identity, enjoy it, keep your back straight, head high, be direct and sexy with your gaze. Make connections with people; everybody you meet in life. That helps you develop confidence.

As you become more aware of yourself, sexier, and more confident, you will start to own it, and people will notice.

So, what are the three simple things you can do to feel sexier?


Always wear sexy underwear.

Most people wear it for special occasions only, or maybe even only in their bedroom. Don’t do that! Wear it every day underneath your work clothes.

Pay attention to how it feels, how your skin feels. Enjoy your little hidden secret.

You will know how sexy you are underneath, and it will add to your confidence. Wear sexy underwear to be aware of your body, your sex appeal, sensuality every day, all day!


Gaze silently

The silent gaze is so important! Look at your partner’s eyes. Make eye contact, then just gaze in silence. It’s so tantalizing! Feel the tension. Feel the depth, intimacy, beauty of the silent gaze! It’s like looking straight into your partner’s soul.

If you don’t have a partner, try it with a complete stranger.


Wear red lipstick

New, hot red lipstick is always sexy. It gives you so much confidence. It tells that you feel sexy, passionate, attractive. Womanly.

Enjoy in bright red lipstick. Pick a fresh, beautiful new nuance. New lipstick for a new you!


With these three simple tips, embrace your femininity, build self-confidence, enjoy who you are. That makes you sexy and changes how other people see you. When you notice in other people’s eyes how attractive you are, it will build up your confidence and instantaneously help you feel sexier.

Check my other blogs to learn about intimacy, passion, love. Get inspired, try new things, add new things to your sex life. And practice being sexy – every day!

If there’s something that bothers you – I am here with you! You can rely on me because I’ve helped hundreds of women like you regain their sexiness and find pleasure in sex and intimacy. I can help you!